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Pre-1964 silver coins including the American Silver Dollar

Pre-1964 silver coins including the American Silver Dollar

One Ounce American Gold Eagle Coins

One Ounce American Gold Eagle Coins


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From pennies to dollars, we need it all.

We are coin buyers of coin collections, rare investment coins, gold and silver bullion

A Village Stamp & Coin



Who is your target market?

Jack: Coin sellers and coin buyers. Also bullion buyers and sellers.

What do your customers value most?

Jack: Price.

Is it a factor how much they trust you?

Jack: Trust? Yeah. A lot of first time customers come in, and they’ve made up their mind they don’t trust us. But usually a customer learns they can trust us after a short time.

Why would a person choose A Village Stamp & Coin over another coin shop?

Jack: Price. Selection. Fair dealing when coming in to sell coins.

What are some customer questions you would usually encounter?

Jack: Mostly they come in with stuff, they don’t know what it is. They just have an old coin to sell, and they think it’s valuable but they don’t know, and they need to find out what it is, and what it’s worth.

Does it matter how much they trust you when selling their coins?

Jack: Yes, and I have resources I can back it up with, right in front of them.

What is difficult or confusing about coin appraisal?

Jack: Grading, the grading. And the simple fact that there’s got to be 80 million different kinds of coins out there. What do I have? Don’t know! We know. Bring it in here. It’s not often that we can’t identify a coin.

What if you don’t know if it’s valuable or not?

Jack: It’s worth bringing it in anyways, just so you’ll know. They come in all the time with items I won’t buy. I don’t mind that. But they don’t know until they get here and set it in front of me. A lot of them want me to tell them over the phone, and I say I can’t—well, in some instances I can tell you over the phone. Most of the times no. I need to see it.

Do you have old coins? Bring them in. We’ll let you know if they’re the real McCoy—if you have treasure or if you just have everyday money.

What type of complaints do your customers make?

Jack: Usually they’re service complaints. They’re expecting something they didn’t get. You know, I had one product complaint. He bought some holders, and they didn’t fit right. So instead of letting us exchange them he left a bad review online.

What are some typical questions that your customers might like to have answered?

Jack: What do I have? What’s it worth? Most of what I’m asked is, “What do I have? And what is it worth?” Basically, they need to ask an expert.



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