A guided tour of our coin store

A guided tour of our coin store in Tampa FL – A Village Stamp & Coin

We buy your coins when you come in and visit our coin store. WE DO NOT BUY OR SELL OVER THE INTERNET. Bring your coins or paper money to our coin shop in Tampa FL for a free evaluation and we’ll make you an offer on the spot.

You can come to A Village Stamp & Coin to sell your coins. We buy all kinds of coins, from the lowest grade to the highest grade investment coin.

Transcript from the video:

Welcome to Village Stamp and Coins. Today I’m just going to show you around our shop a little bit, and let you know what we have to offer to hobbyists, investors and people who are interested in coins.

So from there, let me just point out a few things. Right here on the back wall, you’ll see we have– these are old Civil War Bonds. Back in the South people bought these to support the Civil War.

Up on the wall here you will see a– what’s called a Five Dollar Chief. That note, that’s very rare. And we have more paper money like that if you’ll look right down over here, we have some paper money that we keep for everybody to look at.

In front of the shop, right here we have our gold. We keep that where people can see it. We’ll be glad to work with you on investing in gold, investing in silver. If you want to invest in silver I have that just over here, if you’ll look this way.

Right over here I have silver bullion. So we have gold, gold coins, silver bullion, and we also have silver coins and rare collectible coins. (Or maybe I should say scarce, other than rare.) You’ll see right here in the case, and if you’ll back up and take a picture down a little lower you can see we have many coins.

And right up here, I have obsolete currencies, from before we went– States and banks and whatnot made their own money. And Confederate money.

And as you look up on the wall behind you here you can see that we sell all kinds of supplies. We have storage supplies, catalogs, folders to put your coins in, reference books, deluxe books, coin capsules, we have all of that. It’s all available here at Village Stamp and Coin. We can cater to your hobby needs, your investment needs, and so on.

Again if you’ll look down right in front of us here, we have coins that are harder to find for your hobby and collecting interests. And just back over here I have complete sets for sale. Half Dollars, Pennies, and various other items of interest. We have a huge inventory. You should come see us because if you’re a collector or an investor you would like to take a look around at what we’ve got.

We have probably the best showroom in Tampa, Florida.

Now if you’ll look over this way, you’ll see in the middle of the room we have our bargain bin. I have many customers that love to swim around in this box. There’s a million bargains in there for the hobbyist and– I’ve actually had people buy a bunch of that stuff and put it on eBay and make money selling it.

Now, over here I’ve got paper money. That’s the Small Size paper money U.S. I’ve got jewelry just down here. And if you’ll look at this big heap on the floor right down here, these are all stamps. I’ll be glad to sell the whole pile to some stamp guy.

And again just off this way we have a bucket where everything is a dollar, a bucket of foreign coins that is half price (whatever’s marked it’s half that price), foreign coins three for a dollar, and I’ve got some stuff that’s not really coins but is coins, the sort of thing in here, I think they call that “aphemera,” I’m not sure.

And while you’re at our shop if you would like to sit in comfort, we have the “king chair” for you to sit in and go through buckets of coins. We also have used materials, these are books to put coins in and other items as such that we use.

You really should come see us, we’ve just got so much it’s hard for me to even describe it all to you. I also have stamp supplies, jewelry and paper money. And if you’ll notice we’ll try to back up towards the front door here, and just kind of get a look at the shop.

We’d really like to see you. Come by and see us at Village Stamp & Coin.

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