Coin and Stamp Supplies

Large Selection of New & Used
Coin and Stamp Supplies

  • Airtite coin cases

    LockTite and Air Tite coin cases

    Coin holders in several sizes

    Coin holders in several sizes

    Coin and stamp supplies including coin reference books

    Coin books and reference materials

    Reference Books & Price Guides

    • From A-Z about coins and paper money (large selection)
  • Coin Folders & Albums for Coins & Paper Money
    • “Dansco” Delux albums – 1/2 Cent to Dollars
    • “Harris” folders – 1/2 Cent to Dollars
    • Currency albums
  • Coin Holders
    • Cardboard 2×2’s
    • Plastic LockTites
    • Plastic Air Tites
    • Tubes
      • Square
      • Round
      • And others
    • Plastic Pages & Sleeves (large selection)
  • Stock Boxes
    • Many sizes – 2 x 2 – Proof¬† Sets
  • Coin Cleaners
  • And Many More Items

Find reference books, coin holders, folders and albums by Locktite, Dansco and Harris. Our wide selection of coin and stamp supplies includes cleaners, coin tubes, coin books, stamp albums, and stock books for coins.

For coin and stamp supplies

A Village Stamp & Coin



Do you take credit card orders over the phone?

Ed: It depends on what it is. If they want to spend a hundred thousand on gold coins, no, because that’s just ripe with fraud. But if they want a bag of hinges or mounts or something, then sure. We can sell coin supplies over the phone, but not bullion.


See our large selection of coin and stamp supplies

What kind of coin supplies do you have?

Jack: I have all kinds of coin and stamp supplies. I have holders, from cheap to deluxe. I have coin albums from cheap to deluxe. I have stamp supplies, stamp albums. Stock books.

Stock books?

Jack: Stock books, to stock coins in there not specifically oriented to a date or anything. Stock boxes. Books. Resources. Chemistry, cleaners. I’ve got tubes. I’ve got magnifying glasses, which are called loupes. I’ve got catalogs, price catalogs.



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